What is the Brilliant Labs Cloud?

A place where Makers come to Connect.

The Brilliant Labs Cloud empowers makers and students to collect data and control their b.Board powered IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Students and makers can leverage HTTPS, MQTT, and WebSockets to develop real time IoT devices and collect a variety of sensor data for Big or Open Data projects.

Brilliant Labs platform displayed on multiple devices

Experience the Power of the b.Board.

Brilliant Labs b.Board device

The b.Board

The b.Board is an open-source development board for the micro:bit, and CPX, giving you the option of connecting thousands of different ClickboardTM sensors and module combinations. It’s block-based or JavaScript IDE makes the b.Board the perfect rapid prototyping solution for makers and students of all ages and abilities.

How does it all work?


Connect your b.Board IoT device to the Cloud through an Internet Connection using a WiFi BLE ClickboardTM.

IoT device connected to the cloud


Send or Receive Data from your b.Board powered IoT device to the Cloud using HTTPS, MQTT, or WebSockets.

The cloud receiving or sending data to the IoT device


Visualise Data and Control your device from the Cloud.

Control and visualise data from the IoT device on the cloud